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Reverse Sensors and Reverse Cameras Save Lives

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5-year-old Magna boy run over, killed in driveway

MAGNA — A 5-year-old boy was run over and killed Monday by a family member who was backing out of the driveway.

Hunter Joseph Weiss, of Magna, died from injuries he sustained just after 8 a.m. at 8728 W. Redbud Court.

“This is just devastating — devastating for the family and the officers on scene,” said Unified police detective Chuck Malm.

Hunter had just been dropped off at his grandparents’ house when the accident happened. He was riding his bicycle when he was hit, Malm said.

“Parents had dropped the boy off for the grandparents to baby-sit. Grandpa was preparing to leave when the child was playing out front. He told the little boy to go inside to get his coat. Grandpa got his truck. He didn’t see him, maybe assuming the child already went inside, and proceeded to back up over the child,” Malm said.

The name of the 59-year-old grandfather was not released.

Hunter’s uncle, Adam Prows, read a statement on behalf of the family Monday.

“Hunter was full of life and loved being outdoors. We are extremely grateful for our family and the bond that we share. We find comfort in our faith and knowledge that we will be together again,” he said.

Serelle Taylor, one of Hunter’s aunts, encouraged other families to always make their children wear helmets when riding bicycles or scooters.

A GoFundMe page titled “Missing You Hunter” was set up to help pay for funeral expenses.

“We have tragically lost Hunter. A sweet, happy, wonderful boy! You will be missed,” family members wrote on the page.


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A woman may have been posting to Facebook minutes before she crashed her car and died.

Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, was driving on Business 85 in High Point, North Carolina on Thursday morning when her car crossed the median and crashed head-on into a truck, reports fox news Sanford was killed in the crash; the truck driver survived.

Friends and family of Sanford alerted investigators about a Facebook post she made around the same time as the crash.

“The Facebook text happened at 8:33. We got the call on the wreck at 8:34,” said High Point police department Lt. Chris Weisner.

The Facebook post read: “The Happy Song makes me so HAPPY.”

“In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy,” says Weisner.

Investigators also found by tracing Sanford’s online activity that morning that she had been taking selfies while driving and posting them, reports Fox 8

“As sad as it is, it is a grim reminder for everyone… you just have to pay attention while you are in the car,” reminds Weisner.


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Reverse Cameras in Melbourne Saves Lives

WARNING Reverse Cameras Installed  Tragically 1 child, and often a toddler, is run over in the driveway of their own home every week in Australia.

More than 33% of kids under six years old are killed in a driveway accident by their family vehicle in their drive ways car parks.

As a result of modern vehicles and the lack of visibility from the rear windows when reversing, Reverse Cameras & Parking Sensors
have shown significant benefits in reducing drive way accidents, as they will show children behind the vehicle and provide a view of
up to 5 meters behind the vehicle.

Offering the driver piece of mind that they will not run over any children.

Reverse Cameras In Melbourne

Warning children between the ages of  1 to 2 years of age are mostly likely to be killed or permanently injured as a result of drive way
run overs in the family home.

The vehicle is typically just moving gradually and is frequently being driven by a guardian, relative or companion. A vehicle moving slowly reversing down the driveway can
hit a child, causing fatal crush injuries or even death.

Children that survive a reversing car hitting them are often left with severe long-term head injuries.

We seldom think the danger of  children playing in our own drive ways, can have serious consequences.

So why the risk?

Thats a great question.

Children are always looking around for new things to play with, they are naturally inquisitive they are always interested in whats going on around them and want to
see what is going on, the issue is they move rapidly and can move in to the path of danger or Reversing car without warning

Not surprisingly in the time that most drivers take to start their cars and say farewell, a child or toddler can move form your side as you are
detracted and into the path of danger behind the Reversing car.

Small children, particularly toddlers, can be impossible to see with these new style vehicles and the smaller rear windows that make it impossible,
to seen anything directly behind that car unless you have a Reverse Camera installed

All cars have blind spot and most drivers are aware of these areas and pay particular attention to these, but most of the Rear Vision Mirrors fitted,
these days have been tested and yes it they offer know support as the rear window is mounted so high off the ground that the only way to fix this situation,
is to Install a Reverse Mirror Camera so you can actually see behind the vehicle when its reversing.

Reverse Cameras Melbourne
Most driveway run over accidents occur at the child’s home, where children should be able to play safely, but unfortunately these days cars are made
with different styles and shapes to look more elegant, but this comes at a real Danger cost, of unless you Install  Reverse Cameras in Melbourne or Parking sensors to help you.

“IF Nothing Changes the issue will still be their”
Once you run over your child its to late

So the Question, is your children or toddlers worth more than $635.00

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Reverse Cameras have saved 2055 lives last year alone! Yes 2055 children this year can vouch for that.

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This Year we have saved 2055 Children from driveway accidents and we are proud of it,
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